L+F Wedding: Our "beauty" prep starting 9 months before our big day at Trinity Medical Center!

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Last thursday after work, I took a short drive to Parkway Parade (just 15 mins from my work place!) and Leon and I had a consultation session with Dr Kan at Trinity Medical Center (Marine Parade).

We do go for monthly facials at our preferred salon but we were thinking of doing IPL treatments for our overall dull skin and for myself my enlarged pores over my nose and cheek area, pimple scars has always been an issue that really annoyed me but i didn't really know what to do about it.

After sharing with Dr kan our concerns and that we wanted to try out IPL treatments

She used what she called her "照妖镜" (hahaha she's so humorous I love her already), and "scanned" my face with it, omg and I have so much pigmentation spots -that i didn't even know was there!!


I always thought that because of my tanned complexion I would be "sparred" from pigmentation spots, freckles and all that but I only realized then that is so not true!!! ):

After Dr Kan explained all the effects of IPL to me I cannot wait to start the 1st treatment, I want glowy flawless complexion for the wedding!

Seriously considering doing fillers for my under-eye / eye-bag area I feel like I'm starting to have fine lines haiz 24 and aging... and also my “八字纹” aka smile lines but no choice because I love to smile!
Hahahah but perhaps nearer to our pre-wedding photo shoot and also our wedding!

Dr Kan recommended that I first do the aqua ST treatment which is this micro-dermabrasion process and it also has this cocktail infusion of hyaluronic acid for dehydrated skin which I would be doing and also something for my oily t-zone!

For the 1st session she will be doing a LOW dosage of IPL as I've never done IPL ever in my life and she does not know how my skin will react to it. And especially i was going to be nadnut's bridesmaid that weekend, can't risk having anything happen to my face now! haha

Fidel: Aqua SD is not painful at all although they warned that it could have a little "biting" sensation hehe but I think my skin is very thick and all I feel is the strong suction feel and also the cocktail infusion being absorbed by my skin.

Leon: Feels like a koi is sucking my face, it doesn't hurt at all but it cleans up your pores within minutes - it's like a facial within minutes and it's so much more efficient for busy working adults like us.

After the Aqua SD treatment, I was ushered to another treatment and to wear protective googles and the cool gel was applied on my face and here comes the IPL treatments!

Dr Kan mentioned that it will be low dosage of IPL for the 1st session and subsequently it will be most likely a combination of IPL and Laser and it should take 5-6 treatments to attain a glowy complexion and also to treat my enlarged pores and pigmentation spots!

LOL Leon's turn! Guess what is he!!!


Ahhhh Psycho!!!
Hello Noooooooossssseeeeeee!!!
Lol you see what i kinda crazy i have to put up with!

Our verdict on our 1st experience with IPL:

Fidel: doesn't hurt at all!

Leon: feels like somebody is flicking on my face gently but it doesn't hurt.

Instantly i could see that my pores actually looked cleaner and my skin much brighter! 
Just after one session and on LOW dosage of IPL, OMG?!

Now it's been about a week after the treatment and all i can say is that it's FREAKING AMAZING?!

I can visibly see that the enlarged pores around my cheek area and nose has actually shrunk. Still visible but that's totally WOW. 

 Here's me all dolled up for nadnut's wedding reception. (:

Dr Kan also recommended me to try out Laura Mercier's liquid foundation which is oil-free and she personally feels that it's great for oily-skinned girls, instead of the foundation i went to get the Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 in Nude ($69) instead, and so far i'm really loving it! I think it gives good enough coverage and also I don't know if it's the IPL, the new makeup but i find that i've got to blot sooooo much less often and my makeup don't cake so terribly and my face stays fresh and bright even till the end of the day! 

We totally can't wait for our next session of IPL the week after! hehe

Trinity Aesthetics
+ 65 6344 0027
87 Marine Parade Central, #02-500A, Singapore 440087

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

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